Interior Shutters for Windows: Wood vs. Polywood Shutters

Interior window shutters near me are an excellent choice for regulating light and cushioning against extreme temperatures. They can also improve your home's aesthetics, while offering the privacy you need for every room. For these reasons, they're an increasingly popular alternative to draperies, blinds and shades.

When it comes to choosing interior shutters, one of the most important choices you have to make is between poly and wood material. There are some friends who would vouch for poly, while others swear by wood. So how do you know which material is best for your windows? To help you make a more informed decision, let's examine some of the pros and cons of each material:



Cheaper--if you're budget conscious, Free Survey poly shutters may be the better choice as they're less expensive than wood shutters.

Durable--polywood shutters have a tougher finish than wood, which makes them durable, and unlike wood, will hold the color for the duration of their use. On the other hand, wood shutters do not have the same tough finish, which makes them prone to warping, and therefore not ideal for areas where moisture content is high.

Resistance to moisture--as already mentioned, wooden materials are prone to warping in moist conditions. Polywood is moisture-resistant and therefore the best for garages and other places with lots of moisture.


Fewer color choices--polywood is available in only two varieties: white and off white. If you're looking for custom colors to match your d?cor, you must choose wood.

Heavy--since polywood shutters are heavier than their wooden counterparts, they're probably not the best fit for wide panels are they're likely to sag. IF you have very large windows, you may not poly shutters that fit as there's a limit on the size of panels they're made for.



Beautiful--it's difficult to match the natural beauty that wood shutters posses. Be sure to select such strong variants as basswood and poplar.

Color choice--with wood shutters, you can have the color of your choice painted. Lots of people like to go for colors that match with the interior trim color of their house.

Lighter, stronger--wood is not only lighter, but also stronger than polywood. If you have large window panels, wood is the better choice as it doesn't sag.


Costly--wood shutters generally cost more than poly shutters.

Paint wears out--wood shutters have to be repainted from time to time as the color will fade over time.